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Brisbane Beasts

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Brisbane Beasts is a Steel fighting Armoured combat club.  All are welcome, come check us out and join our pack of battling beasts!


Who are We?

Beasts is a Brisbane based armoured combat club established in 2021 and led by Samuel Wride and Colin Campbell, who individually have over ten years of sword-fighting experience. "Beasts" was forged from "Queensland Vultures" and quickly became a strong club amongst the Australian steel fighting community. "Beasts" is an inclusive, fast-growing and eager team ready to battle head-on as a pack!

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Our Coaches


Samuel Wride

President and coach at Brisbane Beasts

Samuel is a 30-year-old Australian military veteran who grew up training in various forms of martial arts - including boxing and kickboxing - for a large part of his life.


At a young age, Samuel was back to back state champion fencer, also competing at a national level. So he is no stranger to swordplay.


Samuel started his armoured fighting (HMB) journey in 2018 fighting for team Havoc. Due to work reasons, he moved to Queensland and started training with the Vultures (now the Brisbane Beasts). During this time, Samuel became one of the team's core members, a member of the council and has put endless hours into the club.


Samuel is now the president of the team and is the current Pro fight middleweight champion of Australia.

Colin Campbell

Vice President and Head coach at Brisbane Beasts

Colin, a lively 32-year-old American who started in medieval combat sports at 13, competed worldwide in various medieval combat sports: Historical Medieval Battling, Armoured Combat Sports, Historical European Martial Arts, Empire of Medieval Pursuit, Society of Creative Anachronisms and countless other foam fighting organisations.


Colin has also been part of "Team USA 1" and competed at the HMB tournament "Battle of the Nations" in Prague 2016, Spain 2017, Italy 2018, and Serbia 2019. He was also invited to Castle Belmonte, Spain, in 2015, placing 3rd place in the ten men. He is the Australia Thunderbolt Cup 2018 all vs all winner, first place sword and shield champion, and was on the first five-vs-five team, "Renegades". He fought for a year with the AMCF (Australian Medieval Combat Federation) in 2018 and taught training camps at their various events. He has also contributed to multiple training events in America over the years. He fought on the winning team "Iron Dragon" at the ACS 2019 Central Conference. As well as battling on the winning five-person team "The Warlords" at the ACS 2020 National Selections. Colin then moved to Australia and achieved second place in the AMCF National Selections tournament with the team "Queensland Brawlers".


Currently, Colin is the enthusiastic head coach for the club "Beasts," located in Brisbane, Queensland.


Colin loves to fights and fights to love!


He is a lifelong dedicated sword-fighter who wants nothing more than to teach medieval combat to people from all walks of life. Colin believes that fun and positivity are the best learning tools and works to implement them in his training methods and daily life.

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